Operating a retail food establishment requires compliance with rules and regulations for safety and sanitation.  The best way to ensure compliance is by utilizing Active Managerial Control (AMC). 

 AMC is a tool management personnel use to lead food workers in safe food handling by controlling foodborne illness risk factors and encouraging compliance.  With the proper knowledge and available resources, management can guide retail operations to operate correctly and successfully. AMC requires dedicated and active managerial involvement to ensure employees are trained, comfortable and practicing safe production procedures.  
 AMC is essential for a successful business and Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment's Food Safety Program is available for help in implementing/designing a plan.

Active Managerial Control is assessing Procedures, Training, and Monitoring by:
  • Knowing when to restrict or exclude an ill employee
  • Having a knowledgeable, well-trained staff
  • Having a proactive approach to control food safety hazard
  • Having Standard Operating Procedures
  • Knowing corrective actions
  • Keeping records/monitoring food quality and individuals handling food
AMC works best when it is added to a daily to-do list so that checking all major parts of your restaurant happens and becomes a common practice.  The use of written, daily logs is also essential for food safety record-keeping.  Self-assessments (or mini-health inspections) are conducted daily and can help your facility remain in compliance and safe.

Food Handler Training

In addition to the manager being trained and utilizing AMC, every food employee must have some sort of food safety training.  Working in a retail food establishment is an important task and knowing proper sanitation and preparation techniques are essential for success and compliance.  Acceptable training includes ServSafe, Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment's Food Safety & You training (see schedule below), (see link below) or a specialized in-house training which is reviewed/approved by us.

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment’s Food Safety & You training (free)
11/7/19 Spanish 3-6pm
11/13/19 Spanish 9am-1pm
11/15/19 Regular 9 am-Noon
11/16/19 Non-Profits 10 am-Noon
Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment’s Certified Food Protection Manager training and exam ($28) *credit card only
1/13/20 1-5pm
1/27/20 1-5pm
3/9/20 1-5pm
3/23/20 1-5pm
Classes  are located at: Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment, 3rd Floor Conference Room C,
 101 W. 9th Street, Pueblo, CO 81003

Call 719-583-4307 to reserve a spot
 or to request a personalized class for your facility (at a cost of $120.00)


Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment has a partnership with  Here you can take an online course, at your own pace, and once completed, print out a certificate.  This is a great course and perfect for individuals with a busy schedule.  Trainings are offered for food workers and also for managers.

Visit StateFoodSafety, select your type of training and then your location (Colorado > Pueblo County) to begin!