Health Inspectors

What are Health Inspectors good for?

No... it's not absolutely nothing!
Although now I bet that song is in your head, huh?

As health inspectors we...
inspect establishments that need to be regulated in Pueblo and Pueblo County.  Places like restaurants, child care centers, schools, public pools, camps, marijuana facilities, groceries stores, etc.  Although we inspect many different establishments our main purpose of this blog is to talk about Food Establishments.

The Food Safety Program at Pueblo City-County Health Department protects citizens through active monitoring and education of retail food establishments within Pueblo County.  We want the public and our Food Operators to understand that we are inspecting to help the food establishment keep their food, employees, and customers safe. We are resources and want to educate everyone about how to keep their food safe from harmful contaminants that can cause potential illness.  

All of our Inspectors must have a science-based Bachelor's Degree before inquiring about the job.  Once hired, they then complete a rigorous three month training of the regulations with knowledge tests and then must satisfactory complete numerous joint field inspections in order to become a full-time Food Inspector.

When all the tests and training are accomplished then it is time to party work.

Below is a video we found that explains our job pretty well.