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Retail Food Rules and Regulations 
The document below is the current Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations
Use these logs to document and monitor different areas of your restaurant:

Time As A Public Health Control
Use this application to create a written procedure for you facilities food while not using temperature control. (Application must be approved by your PDPHE inspector).

Use these signs to remind employees about proper procedures.
Signs in different languages (Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese) are available by request, please email us to obtain.

 Cold Holding

 Proper Glove Use

Rapid Cooling

 Hot Holding

 Operational Procedures

 No Barehand Contact

 Critical Temperatures

 Safe Thawing Dishwashing By Hand

 Cross- Contamination

Below are pamphlets to help you remember and share great food safety practices for retail food establishments and non-retail food establishments.