Monday, August 21, 2017

Illegal Food Vendors on the Rise

Illegal Food Vendors on the Rise

The Pueblo City-County Health Department, is cracking down on illegal food vendors.  An Illegal food vendor is considered to be any person or persons who are selling food without a required food license. 

Every legal food vendor is issued a Colorado state food license as well as a Colorado issued sticker. 

“Any resident can ask a food vendor for their food license because it is a requirement that they have it visible at all times.” Vicki Carlton, program manager at the Pueblo City-County Health Department said.

If the food vendor does not have a food license present, they are considered to be operating illegally. Purchasing from an illegal food vendor may put any person who buys from them at risk. 

“Illegal food vendors are not inspected and it is not known where or how they make their food,” stated Carlton. “Not knowing this information increases the possibility of foodborne illness.” 

If you spot an illegal food vendor, the department encourages you to report them as soon as possible by calling 719-583-4307.  



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